Over time, the industry has structured itself to safeguard the wine-growing area and support vineyard development. Two organisations are focused on these ambitions:

The Inter-trade Organisation of Bergerac and Duras Wines safeguards the image of the wine region, its enterprising energy and its business. It supports strategic development of the industry, vineyards and winemakers.

The Bergerac and Duras Wine Federation ensures the sustainability of the wine region and the quality of its wines. It protects the vineyards and the winemakers.

ACTIV is a network of partners that collectively supports the Installation and Transmission initiatives in our area. Since 2019, this network has helped launch 50 projects and supported 150 transmission and installation projects.

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Its ambition is to turn an idea into action. For example, a project involving energy, biodiversity, treatments or social connection is proposed. It is then collectively assessed and if it is considered pertinent, it receives support. The aim is to make winemaking a positive catalyst as we face major environmental challenges. Transition is the future!

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